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Storage Los Angeles

I have been working at the storage in Los Angeles for 4 years now. As a celebration (?), I was thinking I should do some kind of summary. You know, looking back at them: the first years in Los Angeles, the first years in the storage business. I won’t focus that much on the actual work we did. I mean, I find working in storage in Los Angeles exciting but I’m not sure I speak for everyone. I will rather focus on what else happened in my life. Does it sound OK? I sure hope so, because here we go!

Year 1 in storage Los Angeles

It was a bit surprising how I ended up working in a storage in Los Angeles. I ran into a guy, an old friend of my cousin’s, and this guy did just that. He asked me how I was. I asked him how he was and we decided we would catch up over a coffee the day after. He convinced me to move to Los Angeles and work in storage with him, and so I did. I’ve always been spontaneous. The first year was tough though. I didn’t really find any new friends even though I tried a lot. That changed

Year 2 in storage Los Angeles

If the first year was the hardest, the second might have been the best. I met a girl that I liked and we started dating. I got to know her friends and we were all a big group of people that hadn’t known each other for a long time. We did a lot of fun stuff and always went away on trips during the weekends. ¨

Year 3

Third year in storage in Los Angeles. This year, I got my first promotion. I became a middle-manager at the company. A position that took some time for me to get used to but I got in to it eventually. Then it didn’t take long until I earned myself another position. That one I really like. And that is the one I’m still doing…

Year 4

…during my current year within storage in Los Angeles. It feels really good again. Both my private life and also the work situation. We all get better all the time. The super expansion phase is over, thank God, and we can focus on the right things. I think that’s incredibly important for us right now.

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